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Pontiac Adventures Road Tours for 2023

The number of Pontiacs in each tour will be limited to 20.  In addition, some tours will have required fees for samples and tours as indicated in the tour description, as we have done in the past.  For planning purposes, we have printed all fees at the tour stops. 


Staging for all Pontiac Adventure road tours will be in the road adjacent to the registration area 15 minutes before launching.  As is our policy, we will launch all tours on time.  You will receive a route map of all tours you have signed up for in your welcome packet.


Please also remember that most brewery and winery tours require closed toe shoes.  We can’t emphasize this enough. . . every year someone forgets – please don’t be the one.



“SCENIC” – This will be a relaxed, leisurely drive through the countryside.  Take in the scenery and the beauty of the land and enjoy the sights of the countryside driven in a relaxed manor. 

SPIRITED– These tours are for drivers (and their co-pilot) who are confident in themselves and their cars and who enjoy driving their Pontiacs in a more aggressive manor as the opportunity presents itself on a tour.  Slower, more cautious drivers should either drive from the back of these tours or limit themselves to “scenic” tours for maximum enjoyment of everyone. 

Friday, September 29, 2023
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Hidden valley mushrooms.jpg
Js Pub and Grill.jpg
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Tour 1 – 9:00am  - Spirited - Josh's Magical Mystery Tour

Led by Josh Herrell


Josh will take you on a fun MYSTERY TOUR.   This tour will take you to new stops and cruising some of the best spirited roads ever! 


This year’s is just a great tour to an amazing destination for lunch.

As always, you won’t find out where you are going until the day of the tour but sign up early and enjoy the newest mystery tour.  We know you will not be disappointed!!!  Please review our definition of scenic and spirited on the web site.

Tour 2 – 9:30am – The Brian Bettinger Memorial Tour

Scenic - Mushrooms, wine and lunch & dessert –Hidden Valley Mushroom Farm, J’s Pub, Narrows Creek Winery. Log Cabin for Pies and Baraboo Candy 

Led by Ken Boyd

1:47 hours driving time, 69 miles

Now this is going to be fun low mileage tour.  You are going to have mushrooms, a great restaurant, then some wine, travel for PIES, yes, a Pie stop before heading to a candy store.  What more do you want?


You will start out at the Hidden Valley Mushroom Farm which is familyowned and operated since 1992. Fresh mushrooms available daily are white button, portobello, crimini, shiitake, oyster and lion's mane. Varieties of value-added items such as dry mushrooms, dry soup mixes and pickled mushrooms are also sold. Spent mushroom compost is also available.  This is a special place to visit.


Then you will go to J’s Pub in Reedsburg for lunch followed by a stop at Narrows Creek Winery for some wine tasting.  Narrows Creek Winery in Loganville, Wisconsin, produces and bottles a variety of fruit wines and is located on a family farm in picturesque rural Wisconsin. They are primarily focused on fruit wines and all wines are made on location.


Then it is time for PIES!!  For the first time in Adventures history, you will be making a pie stop!!  The Log Cabin Family Restaurant in Baraboo is famous for its pies so it is a perfect place for a pie stop. 


Then for your after pie stop, you will travel on the way back at Baraboo Candy Factory.  There Don and his staff will show you their wonderful “sweet” store.

1:49 hrs driving – 69 miles


Tour 3 - 9:45am –Scenic - Lunch and Restore Tour.

Have lunch and visit a restoration shop and more

Led by Jeff & Heather Fiess


 Tour 4 - 10:00am - Scenic - Mike & Charlene Molitor

Departing at 10:00 - Mystery Tour led by locals with

at least a stop for lunch, plus possibly another

3:00pm  - 5:00pm  - Dells Raceway Park

All Friday Tours 1 & 2 will stop at Dells Raceway Park for hot laps between 3:00pm – 5:00pm.


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Saturday, September 30, 2023
Hillsboro Drag Away.jpg
Hillsboro Brewing Co.png

Tour 5 – 1:30pm - Spirited Tour headed to Hillsboro Drag-Away, eat at track, and then back just after dark

Led by Josh Herrell



Tour 6 – 1:45pm - Scenic Tour to Hillsboro Brewing Company for lunch, then Hillsboro Drag-Away to watch for awhile, then back before dark

Led by Chris Wachael & Deb Stebane

scenic drive.jpg

Tour 7 – 2:00pm - Scenic - Mystery Tour designed by Joe meant for scenic driving enjoyment with no stops (except maybe "comfort stop"

Led by Joe Morgan

Sunday, October 1, 2023
scenic drive.jpg

Tour 8 – 8:00am - Spirited  -

Going east and North and going scenic for fun

1:32 driving time –66.2 miles

Led by Joe Morgan

This will just be a fun spirited drive with no stops.    

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